Ute Decks

Our ute decks are manufactured from mild steel and built to your requirements.

Our options are:

UDG1 -  HD Galvanized Stained Plywood Sides & 18mm Transtex Deck
UDG2 – HD Galvanized Painted Sides to match the vehicle colour inserted
with 17mm Stained Plywood on the inside and 18mm Transtex Deck.
UDG3 – HD Galvanized Pressed Alloy sides and 18mm Transtex Deck
UDG4 – HD Galvanised Pressed Alloy sides with transtex inserts on the inside and an 18mm transtex deck

Kwila decking added to any deck
Kwila decking added to any deck sides
Steel frame powder coated black
Electric over Hydraulic Tipping
Hydraulic Tipping
Front Ladder Rack mounted off nudge bar
Rear Ladder Rack
Nudge Bars
Tail Gate Supports
Removal of Wellside
Supply and fit aftermarket tail lights and/or wiring
Toyota Landcruiser Double Cab and Single Cab - underbody spare wheel box
Angled Toolboxes - (under the deck) 2.5mm alloy, 6301490mm long x 365mm high x 285mm deep
Underbody sliding draw with lid

ALLOY GULLWING TOOLBOXES (3mm Alloy Chequer Plate or 2.5mm alloy Powder Coated)

  • 1800mm long x 1850mm wide x 1000mm high
  • 1500mm long x 1850mm wide x 1000mm high
  • 1200mm long x 1850mm wide x 1000mm high
  • 1200mm long x 600mm wide x 1000mm high
  • Extras: Bump Panels, centre partition and shelves.


  • Hot dip galvanised with pressed alloy sides
  • Hot dip galvanised steel frame with Mesh sides